About Aegis

Committed to professionalism and integrity

AEGIS is a well-established Australian owned business, which offers expert technical claims services and Investigation services to West Australian and Interstate Insurance companies as well as a number of Government Departments. The major ethos of the company is to provide a professional and cost effective service to our clients.

As a service provider we are aware that we are representing the commissioning company, to address this we have placed a major emphasis on customer focus both to the Client and their stakeholders.

The company is owned and managed by licensed investigators, who between them have in excess of 100years experience in the investigation and insurance industry.

We are also committed to continuous improvement and development, which has led us to undertake industry-based training from the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, Dupont University and Charles Sturt University, Sydney. It is also our intention to continue these studies.

It is our belief that our commitment to professionalism and integrity allows us to offer the best industry practice in relation to the services we provide.

We are aware that Insurance companies are continually striving to provide their customers with a service that meets their need, is cost efficient and provides a seamless transition from lodgement to the settlement of their claim.

The provision of this service can have a major impact on customer retention and satisfaction. Insurance companies are aware of this and as a result their protocols and systems are in a constant state of flux. As a company we have the flexibility to be able to accommodate any changes they may make, and implement the changes immediately.

The following is a sample of the services we can offer:

  • Arson Investigation.
  • Accident Investigations.
  • Accident scene examinations.
  • Vehicle mechanical examinations.
  • Burglary Investigations.
  • Stolen motor vehicle examinations.
  • Obtaining statements from policyholders, third parties, and witnesses.
  • Collection of information and Statement for IDR schemes.
  • Surveillance.

While we are happy to investigate burglary or motor vehicle claims on behalf of insurance companies, we also offer a specialised service, which may alleviate the necessity to launch a full-scale investigation into burglary matters, we call this service Xpress Assess.

Xpress Assess

Xpress Assess is a service, which allows claims relating to burglaries to be attended to immediately. It allows insurance companies to have a representative attending at the policyholder’s home within 48 hours and a report identifying the circumstances of the claim, and a schedule of the loss being presented to your company within 24 hours of attendance (subject to availability of client).

While the focus of this service is on customer satisfaction and speed of claim settlement, it has the added advantage of identifying the stolen items before the temptation to inflate the cost of the claim presents itself.

Customer Focus

As stated customer satisfaction is the paramount consideration in this process, and our attendance provides the following services to the client.

  • Attendance at the policyholder’s home within 48 hours.
  • Advice on lodgement of the claim.
  • Any issues the client may have can be addressed immediately.
  • Professional and well informed personnel in attendance.
  • All substantiation is collected and conveyed to your offices on their behalf (if required the substantiation can be lodged at our premises and an itinerary forwarded to your office).
  • Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows the claim to be dealt with at a time which best suits the client.
  • Suspicious activity can be identified quickly allowing the commissioning company to decide if further investigation is required.

At present all of our Xpress claim forms are presented in a hand written format with a typed confidential report attached. While it is envisaged that this be continued we now offer the additional service of presenting the confidential report, outlining the circumstances of the claim in an electronic format if required.

This can be delivered by email or downloaded to a computer disc and attached to the file. However in relation to the other expert services we offer, the reporting format can be altered to meet your specific need.

Fixed Fee

In line with our commitment to deliver a cost effective service we offer a fixed fee for this service. Depending on the volume of files referred, this can be as little as $320.00 per file exclusive of GST in the metropolitan area.

In regard to country areas fees are negotiable.


As a company we are fully conversant with privacy and compliance regulations which are in place and the responsibility it places both on you as a company, and us as a service provider.

Quality Assurance

As a service provider and representative of your company, we are aware of our responsibilities to you and your clients. In order that your claims personnel can evaluate our service, we propose to include in our reports a customer satisfaction survey form.

It is envisaged that the customer would have the opportunity to comment on the professionalism of the attending personnel. The completed form would then be sealed in an envelope and attached to the file for the information of your claims staff.

While all files forwarded to your company will be vetted for quality by one of our managers, all our commissioning clients are assigned an individual manager as a contact point. This enables issues of quality control, changes of reporting format or customer dissatisfaction to be dealt with immediately and in a consistent manner.

Our Clients

  • RAC (WA) Insurance
  • HBF Home & Car Insurance
  • SGIO Insurance
  • AIOI Insurance Co Ltd
  • Shannons Insurance
  • Mondial Assistance Travel Ins
  • Capricorn Mutual Insurance
  • QBE Insurance
  • SRB Legal
  • Fire & Emergency Services
  • Club Marine
  • Asset Risk Control
  • CGU Insurance
  • Just Car insurance
  • Insure My Ride
  • APIA Insurance
  • Calliden Insurance
  • Insurance Commission of WA
  • Allianz Insurance

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